Touch G2

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A true classic

Touch G2 is a stylish and timeless luminaire that will fit smoothly into any retail environment. A versatile ingredient, always ready to put on a great performance no matter the application. 


Effort has been made to create a luminaire with perfect balance – all spotlights can be aimed to one side on a pendent down track without difficulties and tilting the track.


The unobstructed design combined with powerful and maintenance-free LEDs make this range a truly sustainable choice – environmentally and economically. A true classic with a long lifespan.  


Great light comfort

Touch G2 has an unusually good light comfort since the reflector is deeper than a regular spotlight, which means the LED module can be placed with a better depth providing reduced glare. There are a wide choice of accessories to increase the lighting comfort even more. 

Integrated driver – clean design

Touch G2 has a nice geometric and proportional design, with the adaptor centrally placed over the luminaire. Thanks to technical advances in electric components and innovative technology, it is possible to create this smooth cylindrical design. The driver is hidden inside the spotlight housing, eliminating angles and sharp edges. 

Excellent colour rendering 

The Touch G2 range is dedicated to enhance retail merchandise in an exquisite way. The standard LED module is characterized by a pure, white light offering excellent colour rendering of CRI 90. The 3000 K is a BBBL LED module, meaning Below Black Body Locus. By placing the LED:s below this locus in the colour spectra it gives more pure white light colour, which is perfect when illuminating retail merchandise.  

A complete family of spotlights

All luminaires in the Touch G2 family speak the same design language, allowing you to create a unified impression throughout the shop. Touch G2 is a complete family with both track mounted and recessed spotlights with different light outputs. So, if you have a shop with different types of ceilings it will be possible to use the same spotlight family throughout the shop and get a unified impression. 





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