Rondo G3

Installation time halved

The installation of facade lighting and outdoor lighting is often time-consuming. Rondo G3 is a further development of our successful installation concept for downlights, adapted for outdoor lighting. The result is half the installation time and minimised risk of handling errors.

The recessed ceiling luminaire is easy to install using a screw relief. The luminaire housing is clicked into the ceiling and the combined lens and reflector package is fitted using a simple grip after connecting the wires. The surface-mounted luminaire can be fitted with a recessed or surface-mounted cable and the luminaire housing is fitted quickly using a bayonet fitting.

The wall luminaire is installed using a bracket on the wall, from below or from behind, using a quick coupling into the luminaire. The driver is fitted to the wall bracket and the luminaire housing is fixed to the bracket using a smooth screw mechanism for a neat and secure connection.