The park

Lighting of green areas and parks is mainly about increasing the sense of security for people. The lighting is also intended to make the environment more attractive. Lighting also makes people dare to stay out more. The personal presence can reduce the risk of falling victim to crime.

To create a soft, smooth lighting post top fixtures are used; spreading the light over a larger area, making it easier to navigate in the environment. For a more dramatic lighting with sharper contrasts, use bollards.

Illuminate the greenery

Recessed light fixtures are those that are best suited for the lighting of trees and other higher plants. What type of light distribution required depends primarily on how the object to be illuminated is intended to look. For instance, a tall, narrow tree is best suited to a narrow beam fixture that is placed near the tree.

If the tree has a large top, a wide beam fixture may be more appropriate. It is then placed at a greater distance from the tree.

To get a neat and smooth overall impression the tree can be illuminated from several different directions. A shrubbery can be illuminated with a wide beam fixture, or a convex lens. Then the light spreads along the ground in a good way. 

The load must determine

Keep in mind that different fixtures can handle different loads. Is a walkover luminaire that withstands loads up to 1000 kg enough, or do you need a drive-over luminaire which can load over 1000 kg? Examine how the land surrounding the luminaire is going to be used in before deciding on which product to use. 

Drain well

When installing in-ground luminaires the draining is very important. Leave at least 30 cm gravel or macadam under installing box. If the luminaire is to be installed in concrete or waterlogged soil it may be necessary to add a drain hose from the installation box to drain the water.

Dry up

To dry up the moist air in the fixture before it closes, it is important that the luminaire is lit in 30-60 minutes. When the lid is closed and the luminaire then cools forming a vacuum that makes the fixture even tighter. After the closure, it may be difficult to remove internal moisture.

Smart lighting controls

Late evenings and at night when fewer people are staying outdoors, the need for constantly lit areas in the city is less. Using lighting controls, large energy savings are possible. When installing a dynamic multi-step control as much as 40 percent energy can be saved each year.