Car park

Guidance and security are the most important criteria for a good car park. Regardless of the time of day, it should be easy for people to find their cars or a free parking space.

It must be possible to see people and cars moving through the car park in good time, and you should feel safe on your way to and from your car. It is therefore important that the lighting is uniform and spread over the entire car park.

To bear in mind

  • 4–6 m post top luminaires and optics adapted to illuminate large areas are a good choice for providing good general lighting and giving an overview.
  • The bigger the car park, the higher the light points should be positioned. 
  • A lighter surface for the car park will ensure better visibility.
  • By highlighting the car park’s entrances, boundaries and associated walkways, you contribute to defining the space and facilitating orientation. Bollards may also be appropriate in this regard.