Multilume Re:Think

Frequently asked questions

With this luminaire, we've really tried to think outside the box, even if the end-result looks square. We understand that there are many things you might be curious about regarding the product, which is why we have gathered some questions and answers here.

You can easily install it in a ceiling with visible t-bars (VTB). The luminaire is positioned on the carrier bars, and the driver is easily and quickly connected with the luminaire body via a snap-in connector contact. On the primary side, various snap-in connectors are available for easy luminaire installation.  

This luminaire is appropriate for public environments such as offices, schools or hospitals. Actually, everywhere you want good and effective general lighting.

The instructions are both printed on the luminaire body and available at Fagerhult's website.

Both the driver and LED boards in the luminaire have a working life of 100,000 hrs. As with all luminaires in the family, it thus has a working life of at least 20 years.

The luminaire is tested according to all the requirements of safety standard EN 60598 for recessed lighting indoors, and as a precaution we also tested it a bit beyond what is set out in the standard. We never want to let anything go until we know it's up to scratch.

As with all luminaires, it must be handled with care. A more comprehensive picture of how we have worked with safety and quality in the process can be found here.  

We always supply luminaires with high light comfort and this product, despite its unusual exterior, is no exception. Multilume Re:Think is available in two variants with micro-prismatic louvre shutters, which meets all light comfort requirements for office environments where work is conducted with display screen equipment (DSE). There is also an Opal variant for public areas, such as corridors, that complies with the applicable requirements for these locations.

Since the material is completely new to the industry, it was difficult to find any fire safety requirements for this type of luminaire. No one's taken this approach before. However, to investigate and test the heat resistance of the product, we commissioned a glow wire test. This entails passing a 650º hot wire through the material without it catching fire. It managed it brilliantly. 

The entire luminaire is recycled, as with other luminaires, as electrical scrap. Once in the recycling process, the luminaire body is recycled into either new paper or corrugated board, just like any other cardboard product. It may return in the future as a new luminaire body, or even a newspaper.

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