Eye on the ball with good light

Tennis, table tennis, basketball, handball...fast balls in the air or no ball at all. From participation to adjudication and appreciation, whichever sport is being undertaken the right lit environment makes the activity easier for everyone to enjoy.

The solution itself doesn’t need to be complex, just well thought out. All halls have different perspectives, both in terms of design and size, from the simple school gymnasium to the hockey arena with television broadcasts. In many cases the space might be used late in the evening by different clubs and not exclusively for sportshousing exhibitions, theatrical performances or concerts, all activities with different requirements and they can often. Whatever the scenario the basic premise remains the same, you need a lighting solution that is flexible and, crucially, also easy to understand.

The new Excis LED luminaire has been developed specifically for sports and multi-purpose areas. With several different light distributions, several different outputs, if you are choosing to up-grade your existing installation you can easily find the right solution for the needs of the space.


LEDs and controls in sports halls

The properties of the LED light source lends itself perfectly to a wide range of different sports halls. Often characterised by high ceilings, the high output and exceptional longevity offered by LED not only light the space as intended but also significantly reduces the often tricky maintenance involved. Even more so than in your average application, glare control must take centre stage so the choice of luminaire has to be carefully considered.

When optimised with lighting controls, the right LED solution will deliver not only exceptional energy savings compared to a traditional system but also regulate the light levels to the sport or activity being undertaken. By factoring this in at the planning stage, you can allocate different scenes for different activities or more specific requirements. For instance, if the space is also used at an elite level it is usual for television broadcasts to require more light than might be needed solely for the sport in question.

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Multi-purpose hall

A hall with a game or activity area of ​​40 x 20 metres for handball, bandy, volleyball, basketball, yes, anything really.

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Hockey hall

Hockey is one of the fastest team sports and requires a lot of light, both for players, referees and spectators.

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Tennis hall

Halls for tennis are designed slightly differently and have different lighting requirements than conventional multi-purpose halls.

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Squash hall

A squash is a little different from other halls because even the walls are playing surfaces.

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Vår driftsäkra och ljuskraftiga armatur Induflex är en utmärkt lösning för till exempel ishallar och arenor. Induflex innovativa installationslösning med integrerat linfäste och snabbkoppling, kombinerat med en stabil armaturkropp med låg vikt, möjliggör effektiva monteringar och ger kortare stopp i verksamheten.

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Excis LED

Excis LED offers an ideal solution in sports halls in terms of lighting comfort, energy efficiency, durability and freedom from maintenance. Three different light distributions (wide, medium and asymmetric) and three different flows allow for a tailored lighting solution for different halls and various sports.

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