Notor 36 

Straight lines, right angles.

Notor 36 combines Scandinavian style with architectural simplicity and offers great opportunities to create something new. You can create system and luminous lines in different shapes, and supplement with modules with spotlights or rotatable InTracks. Long luminaire lines are easily installed without complicated and space-consuming technology. The neat appearance is possible thanks to a fully integrated driver only 11 mm in height. No matter how far or high you want your combination to reach, Notor 36 will be an integral part of the architecture.


New! Notor 36 in downlight format ↓

Notor 36





Recycled opportunities

For the profiles in Notor 36, we use premium, low-carbon and recycled aluminium containing at least 75% post-consumer scrap. This reduces the profiles’ carbon footprint by 54%* compared to previous aluminium choices. By replacing a material with a recycled alternative, we can make a big difference and take new steps towards achieving our sustainability goals. The luminaire is made in Sweden.

*Calculated on Notor 36 pendant Beta Opti Nano 1200 mm

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The a-maze-ing Notor

Freedom and creativity in line with lighting design

Notor 36 is a creative, modular toolbox that gives you complete freedom in your lighting design. The family consists of suspended, track- and/or ceiling-mounted, and recessed variants as well as a ceiling-to-wall module. The luminaires are available in black, white, or silver. In our configurator, you can customise your luminaire or create long, seamless luminous lines and formations and let them emerge via T, X, and L-connectors. With smart lighting through Organic Response, energy efficiency becomes optimal.

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Ready with a single click!

Notor 36 systems are installed easily and without any wiring. Everything is contained in the luminaire, and the modules are electrically connected using our innovative mounting system. The luminaires easily click together, saving you time throughout the installation.


With a focus on function

Same appearance, optimised format, plenty of light and a smart installation. Describing the latest addition to the Notor 36 family can be done concisely but requires big words. The short versions (with recessed dimensions of 303/440 mm) of the Notor 36 recessed Beta Opti Nano can be summarised as solitaires in downlight format and complement the series well.

Notor 36
Notor 36 spotlight inTrack

Creative combinations 

Each space and room has its own style, profile, and expression. With Notor 36, you can emphasise details with spotlights or enhance meeting areas with InTrack luminaires. All luminaires follow the same uniform design, giving you full creative freedom to design creative lighting solutions.










Superior light comfort

Notor 36 is small and compact but does not compromise on either functionality or light treatment. The two louvre options allow for different light distribution. Opal for balanced glare control and a discreet, evenly bright surface. Beta Opti Nano for high efficiency and superior light comfort without casting multiple shadows.










Innovation and origin of the luminaire

With its unique architecture, Platinan in Gothenburg is special in many ways – everything from its size and construction to its focus on sustainability and the light environment. Here, a unique lighting concept could be created with a focus on both people’s well-being and energy savings. In close cooperation between all parties, Notor 36 laid the foundation for adapted and innovative lighting and the perfect balance between design, light comfort, and energy efficiency.


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