Industry and high heights

Good lighting is essential in industry, to ensure trouble-free production and for the comfort and safety of employees. We want to help you create sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions for your entire operation. 

Processing industry

Large halls, high ceilings, high temperatures, dirt particles and processing work involving different types of liquids. Due to the demanding environment and the type of work carried out in a processing industry it is of the utmost importance for the lighting to provide the right conditions. It is essential to ensure that all work can be carried out efficiently and without the risk of occupational injuries.

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Detailed work is performed during the assembly process, requiring a high level of focus for most of the shift. Good lighting not only creates the conditions for the staff to be able to carry out their work, but can also increase working comfort and reduce the risk of occupational injuries.

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Packaging area

A packaging area is a central location in an industry and one of the final steps in a long work chain. The ability to easily carry out the work with high precision is a prerequisite in order for products to be delivered on time.

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Low-bay warehouse

In a low-bay warehouse, a large proportion of the work is carried out manually, which demands high quality lighting in the aisles. In this case, it is extremely important to ensure there is sufficient light among the shelves to facilitate the work.

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High-bay warehouse

Warehouses can vary in size, and they often have high ceilings in order to utilise the space efficiently. The work is carried out both on the floor and higher up with the aid of forklifts, but it is important to have a balanced light level regardless of the working height.

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Loading area

This is the final stop in the products’ journey through all the stages in the industrial process. This area is used to varying degrees during the day, and  therefore the lighting needs to be flexible and to follow the presence and movement of the staff.

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