Packaging area

A packaging area is a central location in an industry and one of the final steps in a long work chain. The ability to easily carry out the work with high precision is a prerequisite in order for products to be delivered on time.

Packaging area

A space in motion

Good lighting is a prerequisite for the work in a packaging area to be carried out with precision and without the risk of possible mistakes or injuries, regardless if the work is automated or manual. The staff is constantly navigating among moving elements such as conveyor belts and forklifts, but they also need space for more detailed tasks.

This is an intense environment where many different things are in motion at the same time and where precise focus may be required at times. Therefore, the minimum lighting requirement for this area is 300 lx. For manual packaging tables, we recommend 500 lx to ensure optimum comfort and good spot lighting. It is vital to provide good, maintenance-free light from a considerable height, without compromising on light comfort, glare control or energy efficiency.


No two industries are the same and it is therefore difficult to give general advice, but as a rule the standard EN 12464-1 applies to the lighting of workplaces indoors. When planning lighting, you need to have a good understanding of the layout of the area, as well as the tasks that are to be performed. 

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