• Year: 2019
  • Design: Argent Design

Using Touch Mini* Track spotlights with a narrow beam and cap cones, the design team created a dramatic contrast that places the products centre stage and complements the luxurious look and feel of the brand. Throughout the shop floor high output Linear LED illuminate the niche detail while helping ensure the store is not over lit.

The concept offers store managers exceptional control over the lighting environment. The space is fitted with 100 lengths of RGBW LED fixtures that can be adjusted via Fagerhult’s Casambi Bluetooth app. The system enables light colours and temperatures to be changed to suit the brands on display or to highlight a certain product.

The store’s main focal point is a walkway portal running the full length of the space with an infinity mirror installed at the end. The RGB LEDs used can also be adjusted using Casambi controls, allowing the store managers to tailor the lighting for various events. The eye-catching walkway is matched by a RGB cove detail at the top of the escalators. Another key feature is the large bespoke rectangular lightbox measuring 11m x 5m that Fagerhult constructed around a mirrored ceiling.

To provide the best possible in-store experience, Fagerhult provided a unique control system that allows customers to adjust light settings in each fitting room. Blaze spotlights and Tunable white lighting have been used in combination with Casambi and Helvar controls to create a bespoke solution that offers four different lighting scenes to suit the type of clothes that are being tried on.

*Obsolete product, replaced by Touch Mini G2.

Products used in this project