Flow chart for lighting planning

Flow chart for lighting planning

1. Scope

  • What should be evaluated? Electric lighting, emergency lighting, daylight conditions, function and control, maintenance plan, electrical efficiency, etc?

2. Conditions

  • Regarding the checking of new installations – which conditions applied in installation planning?
  • Evaluation of existing systems?
  • Evaluation with or without daylight?
  • Are the measured values new values or operational values?

3. Implementation/checks with light measuring

  • Illuminance – average value/uniformity for the working area, immediate surrounding area as well as within the peripheral surrounding area.
  • Luminaire average luminance.
  • Calculate where appropriate, the UGR glare number.
  • Luminance conditions in the premises.
  • Luminaire screening angle.
  • Light source colour reproduction and colour temperature.
  • Perform visual evaluation and interview personnel.
  • Perform function check.
  • Check the calibration, burn-in time and prevailing operating conditions prior to light measurement.

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