Our solutions

We create daylight by combining proven lighting principles with new technology, such as LEDs with adjustable color temperature and intensity.

Emotional light

We perceive colour temperatures differently, but warm light makes us tired and cosy while blue light has a stimulating effect. With varying colour temperatures in a luminaire over the course of the day, our bodies perceive a difference in our surroundings. This means we are not exposed to constant, even lighting, and our eyes perceive variation.





Biological light

More light makes us more alert, less light makes us tired. Artificial light enables luminous intensity to be adjusted according to the body’s circadian clock.




Emotional + biological light

This creates a light environment that optimally emulates daylight. Soft, warm light in the morning and afternoon creates a relaxed atmosphere. Strong, cool light during the day makes us alert and enhances our concentration.




Emotional + biological light for healthcare

A combination of emotional and biological light, designed with the patient in focus. This is based on the Seattle curve, but improved with amber light in the evening. The latter for the sake of personnel, so that they can work around the clock.