CLO - constant light output

The light flux of LEDs reduces over time as the diode ages, just as with many other light sources. This light depreciation is more or less linear across the diode’s service life. The luminaire itself can compensate for the light depreciation. This is called Constant Light Output (CLO).

The luminaire starts its service life at a lower operational current. The current gradually increases over its service life to compensate for the LED’s light depreciation. This compensation is automatic, requiring no maintenance resource.

The advantage of CLO is that the installation does not need to be over installed to compensate for future light depreciation from the diodes. Using CLO, you get the correct light from the luminaire for the duration of its service life. CLO also decreases the installation’s environmental impact. The operating costs and total installation costs are therefore also lower.

The requirement for light flux is 100 per cent according to the calculation. You do not need to over install when using CLO. The luminaire will be constantly illuminated for the duration of its service life. You then avoid luminaire light depreciation.


Constant light outputOutdoor luminaires with CLO as standard



Indoor luminaires with CLO as standard