A small piece of the sky.


Pozzo is like a small piece of the sky, a lightwell that provides a daylight feel in all types of rooms. With inspiration from the natural light, a pleasant daylight feeling is created and the classic round shape produces a soft luminance towards the ceiling. The luminaire is available in several sizes and with adjustable diffuser positions, exciting concepts can be created for both small and large areas.

But – even something great can always be better. Our updated version of Pozzo is significantly lower, has a higher luminous flux, and easier installation, which creates new areas of use and saves time. The family has two new members: Power and Robust, which are designed for environments with high requirements.


New! Pozzo with Tunable White Melanopic ↓


Pleasant luminance

A prerequisite to high light comfort is a glare-free environment with pleasant luminance. To achieve this and prevent harsh contrasts, Pozzo is equipped with Soft Frame, which is light bevelling along the edge ring that creates a smooth luminance transition. Soft Frame enhances the lightwell effect, creates new dimensions, and increases the light comfort.

Even if the luminaire is placed on its own or in a cluster with different sizes, all of them emit the same equally bright and pleasant light. Two different louvres, Delta and Opal, provides additional opportunities to achieve optimal luminance.










One luminaire, two faces

Pozzo’s different appearances make it easy to plan your lighting. The diffusors two possible positions enable you play with the expression and create different room experiences. With the diffuser in the upper position, a lightwell effect is created where the illuminated inside of the luminaire enhances the lighting experience and creates a smooth transition against the ceiling. When the luminous surfaces instead align with the ceiling, an omnidirectional effect is created to enhance the room. Even in confined spaces, the omnidirectional surface produces a welcome vertical light on the wall.

Different sizes,

same high light comfort.


Adjustable diffusor,
various looks.

Lower luminaire,
easier to place. 








Smart spring,
quick to install.

Quick and safe installation

Time is valuable – that’s why we have simplified the installation of Pozzo. Thanks to Fagerhult’s classic spring design, the installation is now carried out without the need for tools or much manual effort. The installation between the luminaire and the driver is done using a quick connector, which provides a safe installation and reduces the risk of mistakes.


Two new members 

For environments with high requirements


Pozzo Power

Pozzo Power (Ø445)

Pozzo Power is a versatile luminaire that provides a functional and pleasant light for different environments and needs. With a separate spotlight that can be turned on and off as the lighting need changes, the luminaire can be used as examination light in the patient room or as directed light over surfaces or objects. Pozzo Power is also available with Tunable White 2700-6500 K and Tunable White Melanopic (TWM) 1800/2700-6500 K, which allows the light to be adapted to our biological clock. With Tunable White Melanopic, the colour temperature can be lowered from 2700 K to 1800 K via Dim to Warm for a lower Melanopic Ratio.

Pozzo Robust

Pozzo Robust (Ø470)

When the environment place high requirements on safety, it is necessary to have a reliable luminaire that will continue to shine regardless of external impacts. Therefore, Pozzo Robust is rated IK 10 and is fitted with safety screws to prevent access and disassembly of the luminaire. Tunable White and Tunable White Melanopic allow the colour temperature to be adjusted to maintain the circadian rhythm. Pozzo Robust provides the same pleasant daylight feel as the other family members.


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