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Double Dynamic Lighting

Since 2017 the lighting technology and solution partners Tridonic, iGuzzini, Fagerhult and Zumtobel have teamed up with Aalborg University, Copenhagen, to develop and scientifically validate the ambitious Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL) concept.




"It feels like the daylight and the light in the room are blended together. So, the weather is like casted into the room, projected."

Quote from interviews after a dynamic lighting test period.

What is Double Dynamic Lighting?

Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL) is a new light design concept for dynamic indoor lighting. It is used in indoor environments such as offices, schools and  hospital environments.

In short, you adjust the electrical lighting in real time so that it complements daylight. This is to be able to create more motivating and active environments. 

Henrik Clausen

“We believe that a close collaboration with the academic world is crucial for us. The exchange of ideas and new knowledge is something that drives our company forward. The Double Dynamic Lighting project is a fine example of this.”


Henrik Clausen, Director of Fagerhult Lighting Academy 

Daylight can act as a point of inspiration for new indoor lighting design concepts, bringing the qualities of dynamic light into our work environments.

The Dynamic of Daylight

Daylight is the light that is naturally present during the bright part of the day. The light comes from the sun, and can consist of either direct radiation, refraction or reflection. What is characteristic of daylight, not least in the northern hemisphere, are the large variations that occur in light conditions – both during the day and the year, but also depending on the weather.

Because of this, our perception of the intensity and colour temperature of daylight is constantly changing, without us even thinking about it.

Enhance your world with light

A dynamic light, with different colour temperatures and a combination of diffuse and directional light, produces varying effects when different surfaces and textures are encountered. Here you can learn more about different aspects to include in your lighting.


Fagerhult presents Notor 65 Dynamic

Born out of research on Double Dynamic Lighting, with a clear focus on lighting for people. With diffuse direct/indirect light, combined with directional light from a spotlight mounted on the side, dynamic and natural-like lighting is created.

Notor 65 Dynamic is part of a holistic and sustainable approach to lighting, with an emphasis on balance and health. 


"Bringing the qualities of dynamic into the office"

Meet Ellen Kathrine Hansen, the head of the research team and read more about the benefits you get from living in a more natural light indoor.

The Research at Aalborg University

If you want to dive deep into the evidence-based research that creates the fundament for everything we do around the DDL concept, here you can download the four peer reviewed and papers that has been published during the four years research period (2016-2020).

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