Notor 65 Dynamic

With the light qualities of nature.

A new addition to the Notor family is the innovative Notor 65 Dynamic. Born out of research on Double Dynamic Lighting at Aalborg University, Notor 65 Dynamic has a clear focus on lighting for humans and perceived well-being. With diffuse direct/indirect light, combined with directional light from a spotlight mounted on the side, dynamic and natural-like lighting is created. This to be able to create more motivating environments and increase well-being at the workplace. 

Bringing the qualities of dynamic lighting into our work environment.

¿Cómo se utiliza DDL en la iluminación? 

El desafío en nuestro trabajo es crear un entorno de iluminación para las personas con la luz natural como resultado. ¿Es eso ni siquiera posible? Con DDL, ahora hay una forma de abordar esa cuestión.  

La luz natural es nuestra mayor fuente de inspiración. En la iluminación dinámica con DDL, intentamos capturar lo que hay de forma natural en la luz natural, tanto una luz fría difusa como una cálida direccional. La combinación de los dos crea una iluminación dinámica y similar a la natural y aporta sombras, contrastes y colores más pronunciados. También crea un espacio de luz personal, una zona propia, con luz cálida de alta calidad. Además, los detalles y las texturas se hacen más visibles.



Shadows are the absence of light. Thanks to shadows, contrasts are formed and our three-dimensional world is more easily perceived by the eye and becomes more realistic. In nature, there is more frequent shadow formation and more shifts than indoors. This make it easier for you to orient yourself, and perceive depth and level differences in your surroundings.



With the well-composed DDL concept, where diffuse and directional light, and warm and cold colour temperatures are combined, textures and surfaces in rooms have much improved conditions for coming into their own. The holistic lighting brings out the details, gloss and structures in a more varied and full-fledged way – giving a silver lining to life.



Combining two or more light sources with different colour temperatures and high colour reproduction has the effect of clarifying and deepening colours in the illuminated zone. This makes it easier to distinguish between shades, tints and grey scales, and provides an enhanced experience of the objects in the illuminated area.  

Let shadows help you explore depth and vividness. Create structure by combining light and darkness.

How we mimic the natural light 

We always strive for simplicity. With the help of a sky light sensor facing a window, we measure the light from the sky. In this way we can reflect these changes in intensity and colour temperature but also in the distribution of directed and diffused light. It's never been easier for us to mimic the natural light.

Measurement data is collected and sent to our cloud service where it is processed and compared with predefined light scenes based on DDL research. The light scenes are then automatically activated in our luminaires based on changes to the weather over the course of the day and the year.

How it works







Questions and answers

With Notor 65 Dynamic, we try to capture what is natural in daylight – both a cold diffuse light and a warm directed light. The end result therefore looks a little different, unlike a regular suspended fixture. We understand that there are many things you might be curious about regarding the product, which is why we have gathered some questions and answers here.

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