Lighting comfort for industry

All industrial luminaires are compromises between output, light distribution and lighting comfort. Good industrial lighting shall not only meet the requirement of light from different heights with different light distribution, it shall also give a good lighting to those working in the light. With good lighting, we mean both the light quality, where Hero has CRI 80 and a colour temperature of 4000K, and light comfort with regard to glare.

During the development of the Hero, we have had lighting comfort in our requirement specification and have done countless tests, both visually as well as technical measurements, in our own laboratory.

Most variants of Hero meet UGR 22, which is required in most industrial applications.


Installation options with Hero

To simplify installation Hero offers a wide range of options for installation. By offering various installation accessories, we can reasonably say that we offer great versatility with the wide range of different installations.

Hero can be surface mounted as both single and dual, with an adjustable bracket that allows installation on sloped ceilings or angled on a wall. It can be suspended from wires or installed on a catenary wire or tube. Hero can also be recessed in the ceiling, for example, at a gas station.

Energy is money

All Hero versions deliver more than 130 lm/W, which is impressive compared to most traditional solutions. But industrial lighting is more than just a lot of light per kW, it is also about the possibility to adapt the system to actual requirements. Lighting is seldom needed to run at full capacity all of the time.

In most industries lighting is a relatively small portion of the total energy consumption, but even if it is a small part costs can still be high. To find a good balance between light, comfort and power consumption, lighting control comes into the picture. Hero is of course available with DALI and CLO (constant light output) which will ensure that there is always correct light in the right place at the right time.


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