Classrooms with recessed lighting

If you want a cleaner ceiling look, you can choose a recessed solution for classrooms. Moving the luminaires further out towards the walls is worth considering to get more light on the walls, and to supplement this with well shielded board lighting.

Classrooms with recessed lighting

Recessed luminaires

Even with a recessed solution, lighting control is a good pedagogical tool, as you can control the different luminaire rows separately and create different lighting scenarios for different teaching activities. As in all work premises, the luminaires should be well protected to prevent glare, providing comfortable working light. By providing lighting with control, you can adapt energy consumption and the classroom becomes more energy efficient and sustainable. The standard SS-EN 15193-1:2017 provides common guidelines for calculating energy consumption in a uniform manner.

1. Recessed solution with presentation light, 60% on workplaces and 100% on boards.

2. Recessed solution with working light, 100% at workplaces.

Lighting control for classrooms with recessed luminaires

For classrooms with recessed luminaires, we recommend Organic Response. It is an intelligent lighting control system that distributes information between sensors without physical interconnection. Each luminaire is equipped with a sensor that connects occupancy detection. This, combined with wireless/battery-free pushbuttons, creates a true Plug and Play system for the smart classrooms of the future.

We offer complete classroom solutions, where our most cost-effective luminaires have been equipped with Organic Response and where board lighting and pushbuttons can also easily be selected. 

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