Auditoriums and lecture halls

In an auditorium or lecture halls, there should be room for both unusual and everyday teaching. But whether it is a final test, a concert or a presentation, the light in the room must be able to be adapted so that the experience is optimal.

Auditoriums and lecture halls

With room for many

Lecture halls and auditoriums halls pose a major challenge for lighting installation. A lecture hall has many uses, but the main purpose is usually for giving presentations. With the volume and space of auditoriums, lighting is required that provides good light as well as high light comfort without glare. Furthermore, flexible lighting is needed, and lighting control is a must in this environment – preferably with pre-programmed scenarios.

Presentation lightingone in an auditorium is at least as important as in a small classroom, especially when the distance between the audience and the presenter increases. Vertical, strong lighting can help in visual communication with enhancing facial expressions. Planning is governed by the European standard EN 12464-1 as the lowest level.

Lighting guide for lecture halls

We recommend that the hall having several lighting scenarios to allow for different activities: note-taking, film viewing, premises entrance and exit, and lectures. It is therefore important with a well-preparedlighting plan along with well-designedlighting control.. The lighting should be controllable from the lecturer's position and from the door/control room. The preset lighting scenarios should be available on a control panel, that the lecturers can control themselves. During a lecture, students need enough light to take notes. We recommend a lighting level of 500 lx as ambient light in auditoriums.

Lighting control system for auditoriums and lecture halls

Our recommendation for auditoriums and lecture halls and is the lighting control system Organic Response. Each luminaire is equipped with a sensor for the optimally interconnected occupancy detection. The combination with EnOcean pushbuttons and their different scenario option, creates the perfect Plug and Play system with flexibility for auditoriums and lecture halls.

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