The managing director has the floor

Daniel Johansson about Fagerhult

I really like going to work. It may sound like a cliche, but for me it really feels that way. I often say that Fagerhult is my extended family, and I truly enjoy being a member of this wonderful family. I have the privilege of being able to see people grow and hone their talents, both on the job and away from work.

Perhaps our origin as a small family business is the reason behind the friendly atmosphere experienced here – not only by me, but also by our customers, consultants and visitors. That atmosphere that characterises our offices worldwide. You are greeted with the same smile and friendliness whether you walk into a sales office in London, Dubai or Oslo.  

We have a strong ambition here at Fagerhult to positively influence society and contribute to long-term development. Our goal is to revolutionize the lighting industry with new materials alternatives and new energy-efficient connected solutions, and we have all the requisite expertise in house. Our hope is to halve our carbon impact by 2030, and we can achieve this by doing the right things and making the right decisions now. Even if Fagerhult is our base, we are strongly connected to the rest of the world. We therefore take considerable responsibility in our production processes, but also responsibility for society with our social initiatives.  

We are a large company, which is part of an even larger group with 12 different international brands, but here you’ll never disappear in the crowd. We produce world-class lighting solutions and have the entire production chain, from start to finish, under a single roof. We believe in participation and commitment, and have room for those who want to think new and challenge given concepts. We know that together we can do more, and maybe you’ll be the next member of our team.

Daniel Johansson, Managing Director, Fagerhults Belysning
March 2022