Notor 65 Dynamic

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With Notor 65 Dynamic, we try to capture what is natural in daylight – both a cold diffuse light and a warm directed light. The end result therefore looks a little different, unlike a regular suspended fixture. We understand that there are many things you might be curious about regarding the product, which is why we have gathered some questions and answers here.

Inspired by daylight, Double Dynamic Lighting focuses on the user perception, increasing well-being and enhancing the personal experience. Double Dynamic Lighting has a scientifically validated, positive impact on the perceived atmosphere, visual comfort and even workflows. 

This luminaire is a good choice in general environments such as offices and schools. Actually, wherever you want good workplace-oriented lighting. The luminaire works well both for individual rooms and open office layouts.

The biggest advantage of Notor 65 Dynamic is that you get ambient lighting in combination with directional lighting with a warmer hue, creating a workspace zone that is more personal.

Spotlights should be installed closest to the windows and directed inward to reinforce the direction of daylight – "the flow of light". They should be directed down towards the desktop and slightly inwards so that the beam of light falls a bit in front of the person at the desk.

Textures, materials and colours are pleasantly enhanced, along with the highlighting on reflective surfaces. Direct light also creates clearer shadows for increased contrast and a dynamic, varied impression. 

Humans are naturally inclined to seek out surfaces illuminated by sunlight. The direct light from Notor 65 Dynamic creates a zone that we find pleasurable. This in turn leads to increased engagement, motivation and concentration, as well as improved workflows. 

The combination of cold diffuse light and warm direct light is what is perceived as most natural and balanced. It also gives a dynamic effect to the environment and the "personal zone". Colours are reinforced and clarify the zone. 

With the combination of CRI 80 for direct/indirect light and CRI 90 for spotlights, we get the best of both worlds. We get an efficient luminaire because most of the light utilises the most energy-efficient solution, and then we add the high-quality light where it makes the most difference. 

Other combinations are available on request.
CRI 90 is an alternative with Tunable White. 

DALI – With an external DALI system. There are separate DALI addresses for all 3 lighting units. 

Push Dim – With Push Dim, the user can separately control the light levels of the diffuse light and the direct light through phase pulse control. 

Organic Response – The sensor reacts to presence and daylight, and can dim light levels in parallel based on the given value depending on the incoming daylight. 

- With the app Organic Response Express, colour temperature and light intensity can be controlled steplessly. 

- With an EnOcean button switch, colour temperature and light intensity can be controlled steplessly. 



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