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Ormhuset at Strandängen

The shining crown jewel

Strandängen is one of Jönköping’s newest housing districts with Lake Vättern as its nearest neighbour. Flats are now available in Ormhuset – or the Snake Building as it would be called in English due to its distinct shape. Owned and managed by the Vätterhem housing firm, it is distinguished by its award-winning architecture. Vätterhem always keeps its tenants in focus in providing safe, secure and attractive residential environments. An aspect of the firm's new construction projects has therefore been the focus on good lighting, both indoors and out.


“As the first building in the district, Ormhuset was conceived as a signature piece for Strandängen and we wanted lighting that emphasised both the building and the artwork, as well as the natural surroundings. With a good selection of luminaires from Fagerhult, we have been able to create a welcoming atmosphere and pleasant feeling of space, even though it’s always difficult to create a sense of intimacy with such a large building,” says Annika Karlén, project manager at Vätterhem.

The project has entailed close collaboration with Vätterhem, the electrical contractor EMT and Fagerhults Belysning. On the recommendation of EMT’s CEO Olle Gustafson, Fagerhult was asked to be a partner for consultancy in lighting. 

“The whole idea with Ormhuset was that it should be seen and that it should distinguish itself architecturally – a building of high quality,” says Olle. “Choosing Fagerhult felt like a safe, secure and sustainable choice due to their thorough focus on quality, from product to delivery. If there are any difficulties – there never really are any difficulties – we can rely on there being spare parts for the luminaires we’ve selected. This also increases product service life.” 


Combination of safety, security, aesthetics and visual comfort

In creating safety and security, the lighting is configured so that it helps the tenants read off the surroundings – the locations of the entrances, where the footpaths go, the size of the courtyard, where the common areas such as playgrounds and car parks are located, and how you can find your way from one place to the other. 

In choosing luminaires it was equally important that they had a clean design to harmonise with the building's style and that they provided good visual comfort. This is why Fagerhult, together with Vätterhem and EMT, met several times to present and evaluate different luminaires, and to use them in lighting tests. 

A warm welcome

Effect lighting to increase an area’s aesthetic value can often be created with simple means. As you approach Ormhuset, the eye is drawn to the large and distinguishing portico through the building. Here we've used the wide-beam Rondo Power Twin wall luminaire – with both upward and downward lighting – to create effects visible from afar. 

Under the entrance's canopy the recessed ceiling luminaire Pleiad Comfort is used, which produces a well-shaded light. And as you step in, you're met by the super-ellipse-shaped luminaire Tibi with the light regulated by e-Sense Move – an energy-efficient light control system designed for stairwells.
e-Sense Move is based on presence detection with microwave technology, in other words, that several luminaires wirelessly communicate with one another. In the entrances with high ceilings, the Tibi luminaire is installed in a decorative suspended configuration.

A dynamic courtyard with spaces within spaces

By considering lighting from two perspectives – from below and above – you can create a positive image of the surroundings, both from ground level and from inside the building. Dynamic illumination is therefore created with both high and low points of light.

Footpaths and stairs in the courtyard have good general lighting with omni-directional, robust Lunova park luminaires. With a timeless design and sober black, conical poles, they provide indirect lighting with excellent visual comfort and uniformity.

As a common theme throughout the areas, the robust Minireef bollard from Simes is used both to give a good overview and visual guidance. It creates spaces within spaces and accentuates the functions and possibilities of the various areas. The luminaire frames, for example, communal areas, such as barbecue grills, park bench groupings and playgrounds, and is used with a light distribution angle of either 360° or 180° depending on the area we want to illuminate. 

For lighting decorative objects such as works of art and trees, the Zip in-ground luminaire from Simes has been used in various sizes. 

Common areas and footpaths

In the building’s common areas, such as laundry rooms and bike sheds, the Allfive luminaire is used, which was especially designed for demanding environments. With e-Sense Detect lighting control, the luminaire has a concealed microwave sensor that detects motion and can thus be switched on before a door opens. A perfect solution for areas that are not regularly used.

When darkness falls over the courtyard, the functional Kaptur LED luminaire creates a feeling of safety and security around the bike shed and produces dramatic contrasts thanks to the modern design of the shed.

The wide-beam and asymmetrical street lighting luminaire Vialume 1 is suitable both for car parks and adjoining footpaths and bike trails. With the help of specific light calculations, Fagerhult has recommended optimised lens optics for the various application areas. It is important that both car parks and footpaths are evenly and uniformly illuminated so that people can feel safe and secure.

Comprehensive approach produces results

When it comes to lighting, Ormhuset has been a major project with several different application areas inside and out, which has entailed substantial engagement by many. Common for the outdoor environment is the warm white colour temperature of 3000 K, and that the luminaires provide good visual comfort during the evening and beautify the area during the day.

“There’s been plenty of blood, sweat and tears,” says Olle Gustafsson. “And I think the final results are fantastic – it's simply a great lighting project.”

Annika Karlén agrees and says:

“We're very pleased both with the luminaire choices and the end-results, and Fagerhult has been very receptive to our input.”

Products from Simes are distributed via Fagerhult in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and Russia.

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