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S:t Sigfrid's cemetary

A breathtaking place for the final rest

Death is unfortunately always present and it is never easy to lose a loved one. Death is associated with sadness, grief, despair and regret. Death is rarely beautiful, but if the last farewell can be made in a breathtaking place like S:t Sigfrid's cemetary at least the memory of the interment can be beautiful.


S:t Sigfrid's cemetary is with its 74 acres the largest cemetary in Borås in the west of Sweden. It is situated in the southern parts of the city and is with its landscape character known as one of the most beautiful cemetaries in the country.

Along the ridge

When the new memorial garden was built the architects at Sweco Architects started from a pine covered ridge with beautiful views over the surroundings. The memorial garden, which stretches along the ridge, was divided into five places for a more intimate room feeling. The five places consist of semi-circular terraces surrounded by granite walls.


At the top of the ridge the artwork "The Well of Life" by Pål Svensson is found. The artwork is shaped like a boat that will symbolize the journey towards eternity. From the artwork a creek flows down the ridge, through the five terraces. At the mouth of the creek an artificial lake was built where the stone sculpture "The Island of Eternity" by Pål Svensson is found. The sculpture is designed as a three-dimensional version of the Swiss painter Arnold Böcklin's "Isle of the Dead".

A stunning place

This is one of the few places in Sweden where its allowed to spread the ash in water. It's a stunning place that hopefully gives the visitors a little peace of mind and some relief in their time of grief.

The customer, the Church of Sweden, is very proud of the beautiful memorial garden in Borås. 

We wanted a discreete yet proper illumination of the cemetary. We got what we asked for and are truly satisfied with the result, says Lars Öhrn, cemetary manager at the Church of Sweden in Borås.


For this project there were some special requirements made by the customer. The lighting had to be as disrceete as possible with non-visible lightsources.

The walls that surrounds "The Well of Life" at the top of the ridge are illuminated by the inground Zip LED from Simes. On ground from Fagerhult, which is a surface mounted inground luminaire, does a great job illuminating the surrounding forest. 

The pathway following the creek down the ridge is illuminated by the bollard Minimoai from Simes. Its minimalistic design and indirect light fits in perfectly into the landscape.

At the walls down by the lake the bollard Reef from Simes spreads its light over the water and the artwork "The Island of Eternity" is illuminated by the spotlight Loft Spot from Simes. 

The result is amazing. The customer is very pleased with our job but we couldn't have done it without the great support we always recieve from Fagerhult, says Janne Espeling at Myrås El.

Products from Simes are distributed via Fagerhult in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and Russia.

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