Multilume Re:Think

Carefully tested – high quality 


We are proud of our products and we always conduct a comprehensive quality assurance process before they are launched. In doing this, we all learned a lot, but without sacrificing safety, quality or function.

Learn more about the journey we have made in developing a new product, which for the branch, is in a completely new material. 


Ideas & Innovation

The key to innovation is curiosity. Without curious employees, this luminaire would never have left the drawing board. Making a luminaire out of cardboard, is that even possible? The very meaning of the Latin word "innovare" is to renew, and that is what we have done. One of our most popular luminaires has been renewed – with a new body and new packaging method that we hope will make a difference.

For a circular tomorrow

Meet some of the people behind the innovation – who have dared to rethink and innovate. 



We are always very exacting and test all our luminaires equally hard. No exception has been made here. Throughout the journey, our test lab has played a key role of development, in close collaboration with our creative designers. Since this was completely new ground for all of us, we have had to involve specialists and enlist the help of experts in different fields.



It is always the responsibility of the manufacturer that a product is safe and of high quality, something we take very seriously. What we have seen as a critical test is how the luminaire can deal with the temperatures that may occur. We wanted to make sure that the cardboard meets the requirements for luminaire materials used in proximity to parts that are subjected to elevated temperatures. This is evaluated with a glow wire test that shows how the material resists increases in temperature. 

After consulting experts, we were also able to conclude that in the event of fire in the room, the energy content of a paper luminaire will be significantly less compared to plastic luminaires.



The problem with being the first with an idea is that there is no one to look to and compare. We have carefully scrutinised the standard, which we always test our indoor luminaires against (EN60598), to obtain advice. What we found was that we could use the same standard requirements as for other lighting products, made of plastic, for example. Multilume Re:Think's light comfort and lighting properties have naturally been tested just as thoroughly as with the other members of their family, and maintain the same high light quality as all Fagerhult products.



When we choose to launch a product, it is because there is a need that either our customers or we at Fagerhult have seen. Replacing virgin materials with renewable resources is something we know is a must going forward. Multilume Re:Think is made entirely of organic matter (Solid Board). This has brought its challenges to our production personnel. We have gained new insight about, for example, tolerances, such as when the material changes shape and size. This is significantly higher with this material than we are used to.We have also learned about temperature, the influence of moisture and dust in both production and storage – for which we, together with our supplier, have established good and appropriate routines and collaboration.

Questions & answers

With this luminaire, we've really tried to think outside the box, even if the end-result looks square. We understand that there are many things you might be curious about regarding the product, which is why we have gathered some questions and answers here. 


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