Multilume Re:Think

Renewable – ready to resurrect


By challenging ourselves, we create opportunities for innovation and new solutions. Multilume Re:Think is proof of how much we can achieve by thinking outside the box. Without compromising on either quality or function, we have created a luminaire in a renewable material. 

Discover our renewable material Solid Board and all the positive environmental impacts a switch from metal to cardboard entails.




Give the Earth some breathing space.

Using virgin material or fossil substances is not a long-term solution. We therefore need a new approach to the flow of resources and devices in the manufacturing industries. By replacing the materials in the luminaire body with renewable resources* in our best-selling product, we reduce climate impact from the luminaire body by 81%**. We hope that this choice can lead to a positive difference for the environment. 

*A renewable resource is a natural resource that is constantly replenished. It must have a sustainable way of recovering to be called renewable. Wood, paper and pulp are renewable materials.
**600x600 module.



Cut the crap. 

By replacing the material in the luminaire body, from metal to cardboard, we have reduced the weight of the entire luminaire by around 30%. A great advantage in both shipping and installation, both of which become smoother and easier.

It is not just the weight that is lower, shipping volumes have also decreased by approximately 30%. No plastic parts or non-recyclable packaging, only recyclable corrugated cardboard remains after installation. The instruction manual is printed directly on the back of the luminaire, so that it is always available for any future reference.





























Made to recycle. 

We are excited about a luminaire with a circular life cycle, which hopefully can be recycled several times. More than 90% of the luminaire can be recycled into new materials and the rest can be recycled into energy, such as for district heating for households. The luminaire body, made of Swedish natural fibre and recycled materials, can be 100% recycled. You may even hold it in your hand again in the future, but in the form of a milk carton! 

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