Hälsostaden (City of Health)

Light from a patient’s perspective

Many hospitals are aware that the healing process can be promoted through an environment that supports the patient in a holistic way – both psychologically and physiologically. With the right atmosphere and the right lighting, a hospital can meet the varying needs of patients and staff. At Hälsostaden in Ängelholm, Sweden, Fagerhult are providing them with the best solutions for health and care.


The health center is the collective concept for the Health Care Project, which is a pilot project in the field of health and care that started in the autumn of 2013.

The project is a collaboration between municipal activities, primary care and specialist care in Region Skåne. Health City Ängelholm AB is the real estate company that owns, develops and manages all buildings on Ängelholm's hospital area.

Hälsostaden Ängelholm AB is a one of a kind real estate company that develops and manages premises and the local environment for care. Their focus is on the patient and the physical conditions required to conduct healthcare that is a little healthier and more accessible.

Hälsostaden Ängelholm AB is a joint venture between Region Skåne, Peab Sverige AB and Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB - three owners each with their own expertise: care, construction and management.


In this project, we could use all of our expertise in lighting. We were able to deliver luminaires and medical supply units, all in close collaboration with involved actors.

Our primary aim was to provide the health care staff, and patients, with a good lighting quality to enhance their time spent in care. Our target group was all of the individuals, teams and employers who are working every day to deliver high-quality care to their patients. 

We know how hard health care staff work every day for the patients, whether they are offering direct patient care or in a crucial back office role. The right lighting and medical supply unit is something that just need to work, without any interruption. 

Says Mattias Olofsson Lagerqvist, Regional sales manager. 



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