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Illuminate with style

Touch is a stylish and timeless luminaire that will fit smoothly into any retail environment. As versatile as a “little black dress” or a fitted suit, always ready to put on a great performance no matter the application.

A timeless investment, the new spotlight range offers flexible and sustainable options for shop lighting. With its minimalistic design and state of the art technology, Touch never goes out of style.

A complete family of spotlights

All luminaires in the Touch family speak the same design language, allowing you to create a unified impression throughout the shop.

Touch is a complete family with both track mounted and recessed spotlights with different light outputs. So, if you have a shop with different types of ceilings it will be possible to use the same spotlight family throughout the shop and get a unified impression.

Integrated driver – clean design

Touch has a nice geometric and proportional design and the placement of the adaptor centrally over the luminaire creates a symmetric idiom.

Technical advances in electric components and using innovative technology have made it possible to create a smooth cylindrical design hiding the driver inside the spotlight housing. Then you will get rid of the angles the driver boxes creates when aiming spotlights in different directions.



Experience Touch in VR

Enter the fashionable shop from the Fagerhult Lookbook in Virtual Reality and explore two different light settings with the new Touch spotlight.

Visit the shop in VR

Comfortable shop

White Touch Midi spotlights to a unified and clean look on the ceiling at the Hemtex shop in Sisjön, Gothenburg. Its white light complements the fresh and subtle merchandise on display, creating a comfortable shop where you want to stay and browse

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Soft contrasts

High-end menswear at an affordable price – the  popular fashion shop Dressmann offers the latest stylish fashion for men of all ages. Touch Midi provides a comfortable and soft contrast in their shops, illumi-nating the popular suits and jeans in a comfortable manner.  Accessories such as cap cones and honey-comb louvres are used in the changing rooms and the cashier desk area to reduce glare.

Soft contrasts

Design your own Touch luminaire

With Fagerhult On Demand Design, Fagerhult O.D.D you can realize your unique vision of your brand. Our product developers create custom-made applications for a specific customer like for example these Touch Mini spotlights in a variety of colours and finishes such as copper, silver or a high gloss variant.

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A wide assortment of accessories

Enhance the visual quality, reduce glare and cut off the light by using accessories. Reduce the glare to a maximum with Honeycomb louvres, cut of the light sideways with Cap cones, create an esthetical pleasing environment with Barndoors or create a linear light image with an Elliptic lens.

All the products in the Touch family