The right light for an optimal WELL Building Standard

  • Year: 2019
  • Collaborators: HumanTotalCare, M3E, BAM

The main goal of the lighting concept of HumanTotalCare was to create a high lighting comfort for employees as well stimulating the circadian rhythm (day and night rhythm). Their objective was to create a pleasant working environment that would ensure creativity, good day-night rhythm and well-being. In short, the employee as a starting point.

HumanTotalCare, a company that works on the sustainable employability in the Netherlands, wanted to build an office that would meet the WELL Gold Standard. Together with the Advisor Agency M3E, they were looking for partners to help them to achieve this goal. Fagerhult was the only who met all their criteria, such as R9> 50 %!

Recently, the International Well Building Institute has confirmed that the office building of HumanTotalCare in Son is WELL Certified™ Gold!

The WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) provides guidelines that minimize disruption to the body’s circadian system, enhance productivity, support good sleep quality and provide appropriate visual acuity.

Topics such as Tunable White, Circadian rhythm, Color Rendering (CRI/Ra) were important topics where Fagerhult could really show her knowledge in Lighting. The advantages of direct/indirect lighting in office was also very valuable.

"Light is one of the seven elements of the WELL Building Standard," says Myrthe Schrijnemakers, Facility and Real Estate Manager at HumanTotalCare. "Lighting is important for the well-being of people. That is why we have chosen lighting whose light colour and light intensity varies throughout the day, which stimulates the biological rhythm of employees. This makes a positive contribution to comfort at work and also ensures a better sleep at night for the employees. "