Exclusive flagship store

In April 2014 Volt opened its largest store ever at the centre of Stockholm’s high street. The new flagship store, situated at the well-known PK house, is a 1000 square meter large premium store in fashion and lifestyle clothing for men. And it is illuminated with LED.


Volts exclusive new store concept has been running for a year. The Volt brand target fashion conscious young men who are confident in their style and know what kind of clothing they want. The stores want to inspire and offer clothing and footwear for both casual and dressy occasions.

Two in one

Volt is a bit different than other concepts since they have decided to split up their shops in two distinctive parts. One part is called Magazine and it displays more suits and shirts. The other part is called Library where more relaxed outfits are presented.

Carefully planned interior

Volt has about 50 stores in the Nordic region and Fagerhult has been a partner with Volt for more than a year. Together we have collaborated to create the exclusive carefully planned layout and an interior with integrated lighting and exciting lighting elements for their premium store.

– Volt is a brand that really sees to the whole concept which is built on smaller delicate parts of interior with unique décor elements, the outcome is a characteristic and elegant atmosphere, says Kristian Renström, Key Account Manager at Fagerhult.

The new store in Stockholm is now the world’s biggest Volt premium store that broke record turnover already at the grand opening day.


In the Volt lighting concept each area’s lighting need is carefully planned with recessed spotlights and integrated light. The décor elements, such as wooden walls, golden-framed paintings, book columns and crystal crowns provide a luxurious atmosphere.

A successful mix of design and technology

It was important for Volt to have the right type of luminaires, both when it comes to design and technology. An elegant design feature that adds to the atmosphere is the green luminaires over the display tables and cashier. A three-meter tall crystal chandelier also decorates the entrance and smaller chandeliers gives the extra luxurious feeling to the dressing rooms. The recessed spotlights that offer the customized lighting have a uniform design that suits the interior well.

Flexible Marathon LED

To reduce the heating problems Volt needed a LED solution that discards the need for extra ventilation and installations. White recessed LED luminaires of Marathon LED were installed around the ceiling. It is a flexible spotlight and the recessed version offers a good tilt and rotation action with a classic cylindrical shape together with a minimal front ring. It can be used as a discreet downlight, semi-recessed spotlight or fully extended spotlight, depending on the lighting need.

– To enhance this great store concept it was important to harmonise the lighting to the existing feelings of the shop, a colour rendering of Ra 90 with 3000 Kelvin was chosen to display the items in the shop in a successful way. The recessed lighting also gave a nice depth in the store, Kristian concludes.