Autokeskus Oy Airport : Finland


Bright stylish showroom concept

The importer of Škoda cars in Finland, Helkama Auto Oy, has started to renew their Škoda-retailers´ showrooms with a new concept. Their aim is to offer all customers a high-end and homogeneous experience of the Škoda-service.


This first new Škoda-showroom in Finland, Autokeskus Oy Airport, was opened in June 2014. About ten more showrooms have been renewed with the new concept and more is to come.

The new look

New entrances, similar furniture and lighting will be the common denominator at the new showroom concept. Fagerhult started to work with providing the right conceptual lighting in the spring of 2014. 


The mission was to create an elegant and energy efficient accent lighting to the showroom in order to highlight the new Škoda car arrivals.

General light

White Zone Evo 4000 K spotlights were chosen for the project. These luminaires are equipped with the latest LED-technology and their stylish conical design make them flexible and gives a pleasant appearance. Zone Evo has also an effective, segmented MIRO-reflector, which gives an excellent visual performance.

A Highlight Wall and special made solutions

Another task was to illuminate a special "Highlight wall" that functions as an eye-catcher in the showroom.

Zone Evo spotlights were chosen to illuminate this wall with two different colour temperatures. Spotlights with 4000 K are illuminating the car in front of the wall and the wall itself is illuminated with Zone Evo 5000 K spotlights, which Fagerhult Retail developed specifically for this project.

When the spotlights were installed, Fagerhult also took care of that every single spotlight was focused on the cars according to plan. 3-phase lightning tracks were also delivered.

As an end result Škoda cars are now seen in a bright, stylish and highlighting light from Fagerhult.