Linköping : Sweden


Jewellery shop with edge

Rathsack is a new modern jewellery shop with edge and personality located in Linköping, Sweden.


Jewellery in silver, titan, steal and palladium are offered from famous brands and young jewellery designers. The shop has several elegant design elements such as cabinets and a decorated cashier. Together with lighting designer Charlotta Mattsson at Tindra Design Fagerhult provided general lighting to the shop.


The darker interior is illuminated with 3000 K and the mix of colder lighting in the cabinets contributes to an exclusive dynamic in the shop. Black Zone Evo spotlights provide accent light and are provided with cap cones to avoid glare. Zone Evo is a spotlight with the latest LED technology. Lowered light levels with 1100 lm contribute to nice contrast in the shop, which further enhance the elegant atmosphere.


Erik Torstensson

Concept Development Retail

  • +46 33 23 69 26

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Erik Torstensson