Beta Wetenschappen : The Netherlands

Beta Wetenschappen, University Utrecht

Floors of light

An extraordinary architecture of glass and concrete creates floors of light in this academy for chemistry and chemical biology in the Netherlands.


This extraordinary building of glass and concrete is created by one of Netherlands most famous architect, Herman Hertzberger. In March 2011 students moved into the 20 000 m2 academy. Half of the building holds laboratories and the rest are areas for classes and meetings.

Fagerhult embraced the architect’s vision of the building’s light together with the well-known installer Kuijpers. The buildings unique architecture, with big areas and several overlapping floors and ceilings, gave an interesting lighting challenge.


Focus in this project was to customise the light after the architectural design. Due to the buildings interesting interior elements the lighting should not disturb the inner lines of the building. The overlapping floors and ceilings also gave a challenge to create the right lux level.

Numerous calculations

Several DIAlux calculations and impressions were made in this project and we delivered test luminaires so that the owner and architect could approve of the solutions before installation.

Adjusted solutions for laboratories

The laboratories closed chemical cabinets abled the use of open luminaires in the environment. Since it is a science building the ceilings is full of equipment and the lines of the luminaire Notor was therefore a good choice.

The luminaires was equipped with a special connection, completely delivered with mounted light sources and steer wires, that were wrapped. Focus during the whole building process was to deliver as much prefabricated products as possible.

Daylight controlled luminaires

Two lecture halls where also delivered with DALI and also several dimmable Recessos. To use as much of the natural daylight as possible, individual daylight controlled luminaires where installed, which is a great way to save energy.