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Straight, clean and white lines

When the architect/interior architect firm Arkitekthuset in Jönköping moved to a new office earlier this year, they wanted the lighting to express straight, clean and white lines. They turned to Fagerhult to realize their idea.


Arkitekthuset was founded in 1944 and is one of the oldest architectural practices in Sweden. The cooperation between Fagerhult and Arkitekthuset goes back to the 80’s, when the Fagerhult Head Quarters building in Habo was designed by the architect Gustaf Hållén, who was, at that time, an established architect at the firm.

When Arkitekthuset refurbished their new office and consequently decided to change the luminaires it was their turn to come to Fagerhult. With a clear wish that their office should reflect their vision, so too the lighting design should be determined by straight, clean and white lines.


Suggested luminaires from Fagerhult were presented on site during the construction phase to make the selection of luminaries as close to reality as possible. The final choice was Fagerhult’s Notor LED and Combilume.

The office is situated in an old building where certain conditions such as low ceiling heights needed special consideration. It was important that for general lighting the luminaires were not too large. Combilume Ceiling was chosen as it has a height of just 36 mm.

The open plan office was complemented with Notor, a straight line of light in the ceiling creating a modern feeling throughout. Also the corridor and the meeting room are illuminated by Notor.

“We are very satisfied with the lighting concept and the end result, which creates a crisp and clean atmosphere in our office”, says Jessica Lindblad, architect at Arkitekthuset.


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