Same Nordic roots and sustainable goals

  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Almere

Sometimes relationships lasts longer than the lifetime of luminaires… When Grundfos came to Holland in 1970 and moved to Almere in 2007, Fagerhult Netherlands was their partner for lighting their new offices. Now, 12 years later, both companies are still partners and have just upgraded the whole building to the most up-to-date and sustainable LED technology.

Danish pump company Grundfos has been based in Almere (the Netherlands) since 2007. Fagerhult was the partner they chose for the lighting of their new building. The light plans were made in collaboration with Boersema Installatie Adviseurs and implemented by Unica.

The focus of Grundfos is continuing - now and in the future - to use breakthrough sustainable technologies to stimulate sustainability in all forms - with ourselves, our customers and business partners.

This is why, when it was time to update the lighting of the offices, Fagerhult was the obvious choice. Both companies, Grundfos and Fagerhult, encourage sustainable technologies in all their forms. 


Rohalt van den Hoogen

Account Manager

  • +31 6 43 87 0308

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