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Statoil region office

Lighting combines with ventilation

Statoil’s new award winning regional office outside Oslo is illuminated with custom-made luminaires with lighting control that also regulates ventilation.


The new Statoil Oslo office is 65 500 square meters of advanced construction technique with a beautiful view over the Oslo fjord.

It’s spectacular architecture, created by A-lab architects, has a wood and aluminium interior and was awarded with the prize “Best Commercial Building” at the World Architecture News (WAN) Awards in 2012. In November of that year approximately 2500 employees moved into the inspiring and flexible workspace.


Both Fagerhult and the customer decided at an early stage to try something new, to merge ventilation and light control in one fixture. With DALI presence detector lighting is controlled according to movement and light levels within a building.

“With a custom made recessed Como luminaires we combined light and ventilation control so that there was no need to duplicate the control system“, says Petter Berg from Fagerhult, who worked on the project.

All offices are now lit with 6600 pieces of specially made Como of 15x120 cm, which are integrated into the ventilation system.

Flexibility at its best 

Como is a good glare free choice in the flexible office space. The workspaces are built to create positive interaction and the walls can be moved around to create custom made spaces for different tasks.

One kilometre of Notor

All together there are a variety of lengths and sizes of 1 km Notor installations. This gives exciting straight light lines that frame the whole building, especially in the stairwells. Notor also gives a functional general light for the whole area, with effective illumination of direct light that reflects on the floor.

Light for different activities

There is a central square in the centre of the building, a focal point, where various activities overlap. The spotlight Catwalk illuminates the walls in this large open area and gives a pleasant, ambient, daylight feeling.

About 450 Fagerhult spotlights and several fittings from our popular Pleiad downlight range illuminates all around the complex, for example Pleiad power in the big meeting area and 800 pieces of Pleiad Comfort G2 285 and 250 in the stairwells and other smaller public areas.

The conference rooms are illuminated using 460 pieces of MultiFive Delta, Multilume Beta are found in the large kitchen and Allfive in the four storey car park.

“All together this was an exciting project and we are proud of the result; a modern office with good lighting comfort for the employees.” concludes Petter.

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