Nottingham : United Kingdom


Switching to LED lighting

Starbucks had a desire to upgrade and improve their current lighting solution and so turned to Fagerhult for guidance, advice and products when it came to switching to LED lighting.


After initial meetings with Starbucks exploring a potential switch to LED, a new shop in Nottingham was presented, the location being an old grade 2 listed building which once acted as a hotel.

After a design review a concept was proposed which focused on the reduction of luminaires when compared to their current solution, differing levels of light in various parts of the shop to provide contrast, and a fully costed energy and maintenance reduction programme.


Pleiad G3 downlight was selected for general lighting due to its technical glare reduction device. The G3 was the perfect choice for consumers who wanted a comfortably lit environment in which to grab a quick coffee, hold informal business meetings, or meet with friends and family.

In the takeaway area of the shop, these fittings were positioned at close centres to provide a brighter environment whereas in soft seating areas for example, fewer fittings were used for a softer level of ambient light.

To provide accent lighting to the artwork on the walls and the perch seating (where people tend to consume their products faster), Marathon Recessed 1100 lumen spotlights were used with both narrow and medium beam reflectors. These provide strong levels of contrasting light in these key areas and allow for a dynamic, visually interesting space in which people can enjoy their beverages.

Finally, in the serving area, Marathon track mounted 2000 lumen spotlights with medium beam reflectors were employed to highlight the menu boards, as this is the main retail focus of the shop. In the main, this solution provided a 41% reduction in energy consumption when compared to their existing solution and reduced their maintenance costs to £0 for a period of 5 years.

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