Reykjanesbær : Iceland


High class LED with traditional functions

Traditional recessed solutions combined with high class LED technology made this bank a modern workspace with effective lighting that lasts.


Creativity played an important role when the Landsbankinn branch in Reykjanesbær needed new lighting. Fagerhult's work during the period of August 2012 to April 2013, resulted in offering a mixed solution of the latest LED fittings in a combination with traditional recessed solutions.


Framing light lines

The curved lines of the LED luminaire Freedom frame the interior in the entrance and stream along the reception desks. Freedom is a luminaire that truly takes advantage of the benefits of LED and it enables you to design your own creative lines of light.

Another distinguished light line at Landsbankinn is Notor LED that follows the ceiling along the corridor, giving light over the communication area and highlighting the art pieces on the wall.

Appareo – a visual experience

The Red dot award winning Appareo truly makes an entrance at the individual offices. Appareo is like magic; when it is lit, it distributes both indirect and direct light over the workspace. Unlit, the transparent acrylic screen is almost invisible to the eye, which offers a visual experience above the ordinary.

Adding function

The recessed and square shaped Pleiad provides general lighting at the bank and is completed with 23 pieces of Pozzo in different sizes. The end result is effective and comfortable lighting, all controlled with DALI.