Clean and exclusive setting for glass art

The shops colour scheme, interior and characteristic elements are symbolizing the Nordic winter’s barren but clean expression.


With a cubic interior design and a high lighting the customer will be taken on a ride in to the traditional Finish period of architecture and designbranded with names like Alvar and Aino Alto. The light and almost clinical environment will give the products of stainless steel and colourful glass a great setting.

I am very happy with the way the shop turned out. The products are exposed in the best possible way, Shop Manager Kristina Sandberg says.

Where the heritage is

The Iittala story began over 125 years ago in 1881, when a glass factory was established in Iittala, a small Finnish village, north of Helsinki. This is where the company’s design heritage began – and where, among other products, Alvar Aalto’s world-renowned Aalto vase, is still produced, mouth blown. Today Iittala Group is a leading home ware design company, and offers awide range of products representing the best in modern Scandinavian design.


By using high and even light, thoughts will take you to a cold and icy winter’s day. The shelves have concealed fluorescent light settings and a contrast wall of lit frosted glass is the background of all shelves. In the white, solid ceiling a recessed down light- two modules Zone Jump system with 70 W with flood light to increase the feeling of a high and even light.

Clean and exclusive impression

The back of the shop there are a picture and a logo lit with accent light- a spot and medium reflector. Besides that there is no other accent lighting which is a deliberate strategy to emphasis Nordic design in a Nordic light.

The shop with its interior and lighting design comes across as a very clean and exclusive impression, which raises the pricing value of the products in an excellent way, Kristina Sandberg says.