PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

A material consisting solely of polyvinyl chloride is quite stiff, and for this reason softeners (phthalates) are generally added to make it easier to handle and more durable. The material has good chemical and weather resistance properties.

When PVC burns, hydrochloric acid and chlorinated hydrocarbons are formed because of the plastic’s chlorine content. The smoke produced when burning is aggressive, attacking metals and electronic equipment in the building. The associated cleanup cost following such a fire causes many customers to prefer other alternatives instead.


The softeners are constantly given off and can migrate to and attack other plastic materials. They are also considered to be damaging to the environment and injurious to health and they can adversely affect reproduction.

Fagerhult products are connected internally using PVC-free wires and the mains cable can also be supplied to special order in a PVC-free design. Otherwise, PVC is not a material that is found in our products.