PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate)

It has a high degree of sheen on the surface and rigidity. PMMA is easy to shape, strong and offers limitless opportunities for colouring. PMMA is UV stable and has very good weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use. The electrical properties are also good. The material is not affected by alkaline solutions, diluted acids or oils, but is attacked by strong acids, acetone and alcohols.

PMMA has relatively low heat resistance and should be used in situations where the temperature does not exceed 55 °C. It is possible to make PMMA more impact-resistant, but this is at the expense of its good optical properties. In the field of lighting, PMMA is normally used for shades and cover plates, as well as for outdoor signs, windows, contact lenses, etc.

PMMA is brittle, and where microscopic notches are present it can easily break. Just like PC, it is also sensitive to being under tension, which can lead to cracks forming over time.

Plexiglas® is a trademark of Röhm.