PC (polycarbonate)

The material is self-extinguishing. When designing, it must be ensured that the material is not exposed to continuous tension as this will ultimately lead to cracks forming.

Polycarbonate can be cold bended (roughly like sheet metal), extruded lengthways or injection moulded. In lighting, it is used to insulate lamp holders and bodies as well as for shades, reflectors and dust protection. PC is often the material of choice for plastic luminaires sold as vandal proof.

Polycarbonate is sensitive to rippling and has limited resistance to UV light, which turns the material yellow. For this reason, where applicable UV stabilisers are added, or the surface is coated with a UV block (for example, the glass for car headlights). It is also sensitive to chemical attack, especially by bases, oxidising acids, methanol, aromatic chlorinated hydrocarbons and ammonium. A mild soap solution should be used for the maintenance/cleaning of shades, plastic end pieces and dust protectors. PC is also suitable for metallising.