Mains cables

Many of our luminaires come with mains cables of varying designs fitted as standard. The design depends on the luminaire and its integrated functions, ranging from 3-core cables with plugs to open-ended 5-core cables with some form of snap-in connector, such as the Wieland.

For luminaires supplied without mains cables, we can offer a wide range of different mains cables, from simple 3-core cable racks with earthed plugs to various fixed connections. Our range includes cables in various lengths and designs, suitable for varying aesthetic or functional requirements. Fagerhult products are connected internally using PVC-free wire and the mains cable can also be supplied to order in a PVC-free design.

Transparent mains cables

We can also supply transparent 3-core and 5-core mains cables. These are more often than not chosen for aesthetic reasons. In order to pass approval, products with a transparent mains cable must be supplied fully connected by us because of the weak colour marking. This means we supply the luminaire with the mains cable connected both in the luminaire and the terminal block of the ceiling cup. The ceiling cup can be supplied in grey or white. The length of the mains cable should be specified when ordering. We have chosen to offer two lengths as standard, 400 and 1000 mm. In both cases, the length is ± 50 mm, depending on the location of the luminaire and terminal block. Note that transparent cables contain PVC.

Wire suspension with single wire, mains cable 5×1.0 mm² and ceiling cup for use together with luminaires having some form of external dimmer function.

For luminaires with a transparent mains cable, the connections in the luminaire and the terminal block of the ceiling cup are completed at the factory. Available as 3-core and 5-core with ceiling cup.