A universal solution

New Notor 65 is everything you need from an office luminaire. A universal solution that enables everything from general lighting to functional working light for office and monitor work. The square cross-section, so characteristic of Notor is still there, combined with minimal dimensions. The square gives a comfortable symmetry and makes the luminaire easy to place. Wherever you are in the room, from whichever angle you are looking at, the expression is always the same. Complete end to end light adds contrast and elegance. 

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Harmonic light environments

With direct, indirect/direct (50/50) and indirect light distribution, you can plan for everything from general lighting to work specific lighting with the same luminaire. Three different louvre options – Beta Opti, Delta, which is a microprismatic louvre with good optical characteristics, and Opal make it possible to finely adjust the luminaires for the task at hand while keeping an aesthetic appearance. As always, we have prioritised a high proportion of ambient light with indirect and vertical light towards the ceiling and walls. The ambient light creates harmonious yet effective lighting as well as a feel-good working environment.

This is how ambient light works

Sustainable lighting

Notor 65 can be equipped with our Beta Opti louvre for a comfortable, high contrast and efficient light that satisfies the requirements of EN12464–1. Beta Opti is Fagerhult’s own louvre technology, which makes the individual and the environment a priority: optimised energy efficiency with fantastic lighting comfort.

This is how Beta Opti works

With CLO (Constant Light Output) as standard on all versions, Notor 65 really is a sustainable lighting option. CLO provides a maximum energy saving and also addresses over-dimensioning for future light depreciation in lighting projects.

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Versatility for the office

Notor 65 is available for single and continuous installation. You can devise creative solutions with our “bright corner” – a smart L-coupling with integrated light. From long, luminous lines and geometric shapes in the large office to solitaires in the cell office. New for Notor 65 is the ability to recess spacers in a continuous installation. Spacers make it possible to create the desired rhythm between the light openings in relation to workplaces and furnishings. Stylish wire suspension fittings contribute to a calm and neat impression.

Light with Notor in individual offices or in a open office solution

Simple and effective continuous installation

The Notor family’s classic continuous installation provides effective installation. With a start luminaire as a starting point, the installation takes place quickly and easily using quick connectors. Only one cable is needed and the number of wires is refreshingly few. The stable and virtually seamless joints have extremely good mechanical properties making them easily joined together without play and gaps.

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