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Lighting at your finger tips

Now we can offer a smart and user-friendly way to personalise shop lighting. With an app connected to Bluetooth you can easily control the light, change settings and set scenes. Welcome to the dynamic shop where you decide how to illuminate it.

User friendly tool

The time has arrived – controlling light in your shop has just got easier. With the Casambi app solution there is no need of routers or accessories, just a phone in your hand, an app, a luminaire with integrated software and a regular 3-phase track. This means there are almost no installation costs and no programming for technicians. 




A future of connected devices

This solution is the future – inter-networking our devices making them communicate with each other, integrating intelligence in luminaires making them seamlessly communicate, as standard. The luminaires are also made using iBeacon technology, offering many possibilities in creating an interactive shop environment.

The system is also intelligent in that it self-corrects, constantly syncing to each other. Any unit can go offline and catch up on others having been online.