e-Sense Move

How it works

e-Sense Move is a duplex system, which means that all luminaires serve as both masters and slaves depending on which luminaire detects presence. The number of ‘linked’ luminaires, the low and high light level, the delay times between full, low and off and the desired detection sensor are all configured via a remote control.

When presence is detected, a light activation signal is sent to one or more luminaires. Each sensor can actively monitor 15 other sensors. The system is also scalable; you can add extra luminaires at any time or change in an existing installation.




e-Sense Move can even optimise lighting in garages. Individual settings for each luminaire entail that basic lighting can be used in dark areas, and other lighting for shorter periods for the luminaires that are located at entrances and doors.



The system is also good for corridors, underground passageways, cellars and attics, as the timings and levels can be set for each luminaire.



Staircase without presence

The luminaire can be set so that it only turns on lighting on the floors above and below the floor where motion is detected, which saves energy.


Staircase at presence

If motion is detected on floor 3 for example, the luminaires on floors 4 and 2 turn on. If someone goes down the stairs, this is detected by the luminaire on floor 3 and it sends a signal to floor 2 and so forth. In each case, the luminaires switch on ahead of people on their way up or down the stairs.

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