Viborg : Denmark

Viborg Town hall

Light lines of invisible Ray

The custom made lines of Ray illuminates the town hall in Viborg municipality. Its recessed light solution is a result of a close cooperation with Danish architects.


The town hall of six floors in Viborg municipality is build like a sculpture that welcomes the villagers into the building. It was finished in September in 2011 and houses about 800 employees at 19 400 square meters.

Savings of energy with EU-project

Viborg Town hall is participating in the EU-project – Built Environment Sustainability and Technology in Energy (BEST Energy). The project concerns efficient control of the energy supply. The purpose of the project is through “Intelligent Communication Technology” (ICT) obtain savings at 12 % of the energy use in the new town hall.


The building has a light element above the ordinary – the invisible Ray. Ray is a result of close cooperation with Danish architects. It is designed by the Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and is produced by Fagerhult.

Stream lined aesthetic

The slim aesthetic is stream lined and blends almost invisible into the ceiling, which fusions the aesthetic and function perfectly and contributes to a calm and beautiful interior. The panel ceiling that Ray* is installed in has also a sound proofing function.

*Ray is no longer in production