Verkhnyaya Pyshma : Russia

The Museum of Military Machines

Exhibited by 600 spotlights

Fagerhult’s spotlight Art Zoom illuminates one of the largest museums of military machines in Russia and in the world, named “The Battle Honour of the Ural”. World War II weaponry forms the core of the exhibition.


The museum opened in 2006 and in 2012 the collection was estimated to include over 100 items of military machines exhibited outdoors.

In 2013 the new three-storey building housing an indoor exhibition was opened. The museum was now complete with retro cars, light equipment, small arms and motorcycles as well as decorations and service medals. Additionally one can see copies of World War II period aircrafts.


Fagerhult Russia worked on the indoor lighting dealing with the particular challenges facing the museum; a need for multi functional lighting as well as individual control of each luminaire.

The result was finished in the spring of 2013 and over 600 pieces of Art Zoom luminaires were used, each with individual light beams of angle and width, controlled via a potentiometer. The wide beam spotlight effect contributes to a pleasant ambience for the museum visitor.

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