Sydney : Australia

King st Wharf

Multifive in recognisable commercial premises

As far as iconic buildings are concerned, One Shelley Street is already on the path to being one of the most recognisable commercial premises in Sydney.


This instantly recognisable 35 000 square meter award-winning building consists of a single retail level and ten levels of A-grade commercial office space in the heart of Sydney. The building is already starring in more than a few Australian television adverts, including campaigns for the Ford Fiesta and Youi insurance. 

Flexible floor space

The external diagonal steel structural system sits beyond the building’s sleek, glass facade, eliminating the need for perimeter columns and maximising the quantity and flexibility of the internal floor space. The diagrid pattern was chosen for ease of fabrication and erection, while the simple internal steelwork comprises standard universal beams with regular penetrations for services.


1x28 W Fagerhult MultiFives* were chosen as the base building luminaire. Other areas were highlighted with accent or feature lighting. MultiFives* provide the low glare livable light that the architect and lighting designer were striving for.

Reaching energy efficient targets

A lighting control system was implemented throughout the project making the use of lighting within the building user friendly and helping to provide the 6-star Green Star rating required. The fittings exceeded the energy efficient targets originally expected, achieving 1,58 W/squaremeter/100 lux and an overall power density of just over 5 W/squaremeter.

*MultiFive has been replaced by Multilume.