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Complete LED solution gave fresh office space

Many modern offices focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Länsförsäkringar office is one such example. From the office spaces through corridors, bathroom and lunchroom it is a complete LED lighting project.


When Electro Engineering AB needed an environmental solution for the insurance company Länsförsäkringar’s office in 2012, Fagerhult was chosen to deliver the lighting. We offered some of our latest effective LED luminaires to fulfil the environmental demands.

The result became a whole LED lighting project to the refreshed premises. The LED solutions gave a great light comfort and an enjoyable working atmosphere for the staff.


The office spaces and meeting rooms Multilume Flat became the recessed choice for the office spaces and meeting areas. It is amongst the first LED luminaires to be more efficient than its T5 equivalent. The micro-prismatic Delta closely controls the intensity of the light, achieving the requirements for 3000 cd/m².

Corridor and communication areas

The third generation of our popular downlight Pleiad G3 illuminates the corridors and communication areas. Pleiad G3 is a complete LED lighting concept. The luminaire does not only offer easy and quick installation, it also produces a great light comfort without any glare.


Pozzo LED is the LED version of the light well Pozzo that provides the feeling of daylight through the round fitting. It is an excellent choice of lighting comfort in places where we relax and regroup.


Discovery Space LED* is a robust but slim bathroom luminaire that offer great efficiency in its LED version. For this project it was placed in the bathrooms and completed with accent light from Easy with LED.

Accent light

Easy with LED is, as the name reveals, easy to install in most types of suspended ceilings. The fitting gives accent light and highlights the different areas, such as the green plants and walls around the premises.

*Discovery Space LED has been replaced with Discovery Evo.

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