Brothers and Sisters

Strengthening store concept

An exclusive dark interior harmonises well with the suspended ceiling's decorative plate chosen by Fagerhult for the concept.


Fagerhult has delivered lighting to the Brothers and Sisters store in Nova Lund. A high false ceiling required a recessed solution.

"The idea was to strengthen the exclusive impression in the store concept, and I think that we have succeeded with this thanks to the great contrasts between the illuminated and non-illuminated surfaces. In this way, the eye is drawn to the right things, the products in other words", says Anders Strömberg, light designer at Fagerhult Retail.


Twin recessed black ZoneSingles create a soft and attractive style in the high ceiling area. Details such as trendy wallpaper, visual art and furniture increase the feeling of exclusiveness in the store. For the display window, black ZonePoint were used.

Fagerhult's new rail mounted luminaire, Sinus HCI-TC in crome was chosen for the Brothers store in Gallerian in Malmö. An open ceiling solution and a lower height meant that a rail mounted solution was more suitable.

No general lighting and almost exclusively narrow beam 35 W saves energy and provides good accent lighting in the dark and impression filled exclusive store concept.